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Social Media Boxes | Grab Shortcode

[one-third title="Facebook"][fb-box appId="531663733563506" user="CuckooThemes" show_stream="false"][/one-third][one-third title="Twitter"][twitter-list username ="cuckoothemes" count="3"][/one-third][one-third last="true" title="Flickr"][flickr flickr_id="79295992@N08" count="9"][/one-third]

Facebook Box, Twitter Box and Flickr Box shortcodes allow you to display your social media content in CuckooTap theme

CuckooTap theme does not support widgets, that’s why we created few usefull social media shortcodes to fill this gap. From now, CuckooTap V1.9 theme users can add Facebook Box, Twitter Box and Flickr Box. Each Social Media box can be customized by editing its shortcode.

How to add Social Media Box shortcodes to your homepage?

If you want to add these shortcodes to your homepage, create a new page and enter Social Media Box shortcodes you want. If you want to have all Social media boxes of the same width, looking like widgets, we recommend using columns for it. Then, publish this page, go to Homepage Builder and add this page as page unit to your homepage. That’s it.



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Social Media Shortcodes

Social Media Buttons | Grab Shortcode

[h5]Facebook Like Button[/h5]<br />
[fb appId="462868073776406" layout="button_count"]</p>
<p>[h5]Twitter Share Button[/h5]<br />
[twitter-share text="Share this on Twitter" countbox="horizontal"]</p>
<p>[h5]Twitter Follow Button[/h5]<br />
[twitter-follow user="cuckoothemes"]</p>
<p>[h5]Google Plus Share Button[/h5]<br />
<p>[h5]Pinterest Create Button[/h5]<br />
<p>[h5]Pinterest Follow Button[/h5]<br />
[pin-follow user="Your Name" size="medium"]</p>
<p>[h5]Pinterest Market Button[/h5]<br />

Facebook Like Button

Twitter Share Button

Twitter Follow Button

Google Plus Share Button

Pinterest Create Button

Pin It

Pinterest Follow Button

Follow Me on Pinterest

Pinterest Market Button

Social Media Boxes | Grab Shortcode

[h5]Social Box Horizontal[/h5]</p>
<p> </p>
<p>[social-box][sbl][fb appId="Your appID" layout="button_count" width="100px"][/sbl][sbl][twitter-share text="Your Share Text" countbox="horizontal"][/sbl][sbl][gplus][/sbl][sbl][pin-create countbox="horizontal"][/sbl][/social-box]</p>
<p> </p>
<p>[h5]Social Box Vertical[/h5]</p>
<p> </p>
<p>[social-box][sbl][fb appId="Your appID" layout="box_count" width="100px"][/sbl][sbl][twitter-share text="Your Share Text" countbox="vertical"][/sbl][sbl][gplus size="tall"][/sbl][sbl][pin-create countbox="vertical"][/sbl][/social-box]</p>
<p> </p>
Social Box Horizontal



Social Box Vertical