What They Say About Crazy Beaver Desmond
Excellent, professional, unique and enjoyable. The effort taken to ensure relevance to our requirements ensured the optimum outcome.
Screaming Seagull
Don't like peanuts
Crazy Beaver Desmond's analytical skills allowed him to present to us a completely different way of peanut eating at one of our business segments, and we are now leveraging his talent across the rest of the company.
Moose Squarehead
Moose and Moose Sons INC
Crazy Beaver Desmond's services from start to finish have been exemplary and on a professional level.
Squirrel Sabrina
Forest Tree Account Manager
A great customer experience! The flexibility and eating speed of the Crazy Beaver Desmond, as well as the quality of the all the eaten peanuts was exceptional.
Woodpecker Silvester
Resources Manager at Forest Tree INC
An excellent service at a very reasonable price. High level confidence and professionalism.
Slim Eagle
Forest Sky Control INC
I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of his experience in peanut eating and enormous self-confidence.
Nuthatch Michael Junior
Manager at Forest Tree INC
Crazy Beaver Desmond is the most experienced Peanut Eater I've ever met. He eats peanuts without the slightest compunction.
Larry the Badger
Peanuts Eaters Association
Crazy Beaver is training my Peanut Picking Monkeys Team and he is always just a phone call away if any support is needed.
Monkey Monkeyson
Training Manager at the Palm

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